We started building interconnected communities in the early 2000s with a broad-based revitalization effort in Stamford, Connecticut’s high-poverty, ethnically diverse West Side neighborhood. Since then, the community has seen true transformation—and we’ve gained a first-hand understanding of both the challenges and the potential of interconnected communities.


Helping a neighborhood heal—and thrive

The transformation began when Stamford’s housing authority, Charter Oak Communities, connected with Stamford Hospital and local nonprofits to design and implement a wide variety of programs and help West Side residents significantly improve their quality of life. By combining resources, space, and land, these disparate organizations came together to develop new affordable housing and healthcare services for neighborhood residents, and accomplished a $450 million hospital expansion.

Together we made personal health the central focus for strengthening the community, under the banner of the Vita Health & Wellness District. Today, the Vita District continues to thrive, with over 500 units of mixed-income housing, a multi-function youth center, a volunteer-powered urban farm, innovative educational programs, and a new medical clinic right in the neighborhood.




With nutrition counseling for adults and children, cooking classes, and a welcoming urban farm, we are focused on improving access to healthy food.



We help people of all ages reach their potential, with programs from pre-school to ESL to job training.



Our mixed-income communities have yards and playgrounds. They are smoke-free and designed to promote health, fitness, safety and community.



Economic well-being is integral to health; our partners offer job training and access to employment services to help residents succeed.



We partner with a top-ranked regional medical center, multiple healthcare providers, mental health services and a caring community pharmacy.



We foster social interaction with volunteer opportunities, a neighborhood association, social events and indoor & outdoor communal spaces.

Outcomes in Stamford



of sub-standard housing
replaced with low density, mixed income housing, with a zero-displacement commitment.

546 units

of high-quality housing
built to Energy Star standards for energy efficiency and indoor air quality in walkable communities.


improvement in pre-K student performance compared with a control group, with help from the Parents as Co-Educators program.

4,000 lbs.

of organic fruit and vegetables
provided by Fairgate Farm to volunteers, nonprofits and local residents each year. 

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