Changemakers, policymakers, and newsmakers across the nation need to hear stories of interconnected communities so they can help us spread the word and expand the movement. That’s why we’re launching a media campaign to bring interconnected communities directly into the spotlight. Our campaign will inspire local organizations, businesses, governments, and citizens to unify their efforts—so they can affect large-scale, lasting change at a block-by-block, human-to-human level.  


Let’s take this model
to the masses

If you haven’t heard about the sweeping success stories — or even the idea of interconnected communities — you’re not alone. Stories of systemic change are challenging to convey in easy soundbites, and media tend to focus on problems more than solutions. But this movement is too important to ignore. 

Dovetail Social Innovation Platform aims to inform and educate a wide audience about the power of interconnected strategies. This media campaign will encourage policymakers, business leaders, philanthropists, nonprofits, and other changemakers to work together to make a real and lasting difference in the places they call home. 



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Change the

We’ll start by changing the way people talk about interconnected communities. No more jargon. No more technical terms. No more complex explanations. We’ll create a new language and a clear, compelling narrative for our movement. 

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Amplify the

We’ll curate the very best community success stories showing just how replicable and achievable they are. With paid, earned, and social media, we’ll make sure our target audiences see and share these stories. We’ll also create storytelling kits for changemakers and background briefs for journalists.

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Measure the

We’ll determine which stories, formats, and channels yield the best results by using online analytics, feedback from partners, and media coverage analysis. Based on these insights, we’ll evolve our campaign to strengthen awareness, build engagement, and inspire action.

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Expand the

As our movement gains momentum, we’ll build a network of practitioners, organizations, and funders who can help develop new interconnected community initiatives. We’ll share these success stories so we can get more people and organizations working together to change their communities.

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The most powerful approach is to create empathy among people who are disengaged
and provide meaningful ways to plug in.

David Zuckerman
Democracy Collaborative