Building a better toolbox

We're developing tools and strategies that make it easier than ever to replicate the model and grow the movement.

Measuring Impact

Together with social science research institutions and management practitioners from across the nation, including Harvard Business School Club of Connecticut - Community Partners, UCONN’s Connecticut Center for Economic Analysis, and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, we’re creating a new standard of holistic measurement that draws upon economics, sociology, health and education theory. With these integrated management, data and analysis capabilities, communities can plan innovative programs,
assess and improve their performance, and work together to achieve the best possible results.

Documenting best practices

To spotlight examples of successful collaborations (including some of our very own work), we created a unique media platform entitled Dovetail Magazine. Inside these compelling stories and case studies you'll find examples of successful cross sector collaborations applied to society's most stubborn challenges — delivered in the spirit of shared learning to advance common standards of practice.

Vita Practice Book

Outlining the core components that make projects responsive to complex challenges, the Practice Book created by the celebrated Vita Health and Wellness Partnership shares thoughtful methods for fostering effective collaboration. This playbook assimilates the wisdom of community leaders who have successfully implemented multi-sector programs to help guide future community collaborations. The Practice Book is a valuable resource for program design, management, and evaluation ultimately leading to conventional Standards of Care for equitable, informed collaboration.